Why Hypnosis?

Why is hypnosis such an effective medium in which to deliver therapy ?

Simple! Because hypnosis is a naturally occurring state of mind. In fact you have probably been in mild states of hypnosis many times and never even realised it. It's a safe and drug-free type of intervention.

When you relax in meditative states such as hypnosis, the critical Conscious Mind is relaxed, and that means we can talk directly to the part of your mind where long-term emotional memories, unhelpful beliefs, habits and phobias are stored, namely the Unconscious Mind. Imagine the liberating power this can have when these negatives are released and replaced by positives. New confidence. New self-esteem.

Don't delay.  Contact me today. Why be troubled by negative and limiting beliefs, fears or habits? Use hypnotherapy as a positive tool for change in your life.