Hypno- Talks

I'm always delighted to have the opportunity to talk about the benefits of hypnosis to groups such as the Rotarians, BNI and other organisations representing professionals. Why not contact me to do the same for your organisation !

You may know someone who has psychosomatic symptoms that need uncovering - you may know someone who wants that extra motivation to help quit gambling or smoking etc - you may know a relative or colleague or friend who wishes to release anxiety about that forthcoming job interview or driving test or exam -I'll wager we ALL know someone  who is stressed and in the past may have turned to alcohol or cigarettes rather than healthy  deep meditative techniques. Hypnotherapy can often help in all of these situations.

 Do persuade  these people to turn to trance instead and to try hypnosis. Too many people in the Western World simply don't know how to relax. I can teach you how to do this & it's a benefit you can enjoy for life.