Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q. How many sessions will I need?

   A. Everyone is different and it all depends on what your symptoms are. For weight-loss motivation or quit smoking for example, if the client commits to the mental exercises given to him/her, then ony a couple may be required. For complex phobias or OCD, where regression work may be needed, then more sessions could be required. An average figure will be about six but this is only a rough guide. 

2. Q. Will hypnosis definitely work for me?

    A. We are unique individuals and no cast-iron guarantees can be given, as certain people may respond better to other types of intervention. What I can say is that many people respond well to hypnotic intervention if they really desire the change. I also promise that I give my clients 110% because I want to see them on a positive life-map once more.  

3. Q. What are your prices?

   A. Generally I charge £50 for the first session as this is the longest and most involved one. Subsequent sessions will generally be £30 each. Occasionally I might give special offers and promotions and prices may vary for group-work. I try to keep prices within people's realistic price-range as I'm aware that finances are an issue in these pressed times. 

4. Q. What IS hypnosis really?

    A. It may astonish you to learn that among psychologists there is no agreed definition. Generally hypnotherapists maintain that it can be described as a state of deep mental relaxation where direct communication to the unconscious mind becomes possible. That's the generic term given to that part of the mind that runs your long-term memories, survival mechanism and imagination.  

5. Q. I want to learn more. what do I do?

   A. Simply call me on 0191 4565783 or 07754184553 as I'm always happy to talk about hypnosis and how I may be able to help you.