About Me

Hi. I'm Michael Ord - BA (Hons)Psychology. BA Hons English. D. Hyp. LAPHP. Thanks for visiting my webpage.

I first become interested in hypnosis as a teenager back in the 1970's when I saw a hypnotherapy session being shown on TV. I started to read avidly about the subject and became even more fascinated after attending an NLP hypnosis weekend a few years ago. It whetted my appetite for more.

I decided to study clinical hypnotherapy and embarked upon the Croft Academy comprehensive course, which was then held at Newcastle General Hospital. I loved it, both Suggestion work and Analytical work, and passed with flying colours. I was nominated as their star student to the APHP for the north east of England.

I love hypnotherapy and have seen many times the positive changes it can bring into people's lives. 

I'm especially passionate about helping people to release anxiety and gain in confidence for the likes of those potentially life-altering situations  of which they have been scared in the past. Job interviews - driving tests - presenatations - exams etc. are all massively important and hypnosis can  really help you to achieve your optimum performance in them.  It's always so rewarding when I see people learning how to relax and help themselves to achieve a new mindset. A POSITIVE one. You deserve the best in life and if nerves/anxiety have held you back in the past, and stopped you from achieving your full potential -then do something different and give hypnosis a try. 

I have honours degrees in Psychology and in English. I also love Jiu Jitsu, Yoga, dancing, swimming, reading, creative writing, theatre, cinema and travel are among my interests.

Do get in touch if you feel hypnotherapy could benefit you. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Contact 0191 4565783 or 07754184553.